Storm Season is right around the corner. Are you ready?

As the weather warms up and chilly nights turn into warm sunny days, evening storms can cause damage to your property. Your roof will be the first line of defense your home has against these summer storms. Often times in Oklahoma, these storms will be accompanied by heavy wind and Hail. Over the next 6 weeks these springs storms will be likely, if not a sure thing. If you have damage to your roof, you may not notice until you have a leak causing interior damage. I am going to give you some tips on how to recognize damage to your roof and some things you can do to catch the problem before it causes damage to the interior of your home.

What to look for after a storm.

When a spring storm moves through your area knowing what to look for in the aftermath is critical to your roof maintenance. First thing to look for is shingle pieces in your yard as even one can mean you have significant damage to your roof. Another indicator that you may need to have your roof inspected by a professional is tree branches in the yard or laying on the roof. We see branches as small as a pencil pierce shingles and cause leaks. Hail damage can be one of the most difficult types of roof damage to identify. Look for dings and dents in your metal mailbox, holes in cloth umbrellas, and similar damage to stucco and cars. If you see signs of hail call me for a free professional roof inspection.

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