Insurance Process Explained:

An insurance claim is a game that insurance companies, homeowners, and contractors play. It is a high stakes game that is played to determine the repairs needed and how much those repairs will cost to have a qualified restoration contractor, such as Roofing Repair Solutions, LLC do the work to get your home back to pre-storm condition. As with all games, there are winners and losers. We want you to be a winner!

  1. After a storm, insurance companies are inundated with damage claims and the need to adjust those claims for homeowners in order to satisfy their customers and close their claim. Their adjusters are not contractors and their knowledge of proper construction is limited; especially knowing the updated building codes for your area.
  2. Insurance companies save billions of dollars adjusting claims in this manner because most homeowners believe their insurance company is looking out for their best interest. They know that most homeowners do not know the insurance claim process. The truth is that an insurance company is a business, and businesses want to make a profit. Businesses don’t make profits by giving money away, they do so by saving it.
  3. Most homeowners believe that they need to get 3 estimates in order to find a contractor to do their work for the price that insurance company has given them. Unfortunately, this is not true and leads to homeowners finding a subpar contractor that can do the work for what has been allowed. In truth, there is nothing in a homeowner’s policy that requires them to get multiple estimates. What their policy does say, is that they need to find a qualified General Contractor that can do the work.
  4. A qualified contractor, like Roofing Repair Solutions, LLC not only does the work with the best crews, products and installation practices, we also stand behind our work throughout the warranty they provide. Some homeowners even believe that they can profit from an insurance claim by finding someone to do the repairs for less than what has been allowed but when the invoices are turned in, the insurance company only pays the actual cost no matter the amount of the original adjustment. Most homeowners don’t realize that profiting from an insurance claim is illegal.
  5. Also, what most homeowners don’t realize is that normally there are multiple payments that are allowed for by the insurance company. When an adjustment is done the insurance company will provide their customer with an initial check for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the damages to their home. This payment is for the value of the items after depreciation is applied. What they don’t explain well, is that they will pay the depreciated amount once the repairs are completed by a qualified contractor that will equal todays Replacement Cost Value (RCV). So initially a homeowner will receive an ACV check from their insurance company and upon completion of the work they will receive the depreciation in a 2nd check in accordance with their RCV policy with your insurance carrier.
  6. We will look at your property in a way that represents your best interest. We are trained in looking for all damages and all items necessary to provide for proper installation and replacement of that damaged property. We will work with the insurance company to get the necessary items included in the claim for proper replacement and warranty. We will even meet on-site to show the adjuster the additional items that need replacement or repair. We use Xactimate pricing, the same as the most major insurance companies. So, the estimate we produce are a side by side, line item per line item to be the exact pricing as theirs.
  7. We also will provide all of the necessary invoices to your insurance company to get your money to you in a timely fashion. In the end, the only thing a homeowner should have to do is pick out the color of material that will be applied to their home and we will handle the rest. Let us help you get what you deserve. If your car gets wrecked, you would only want it to be fixed with factory parts and the work be done by a certified trained professional. Doesn’t your home deserve the same?

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