Storm Season is right around the corner

Storm Season is right around the corner. Are you ready? As the weather warms up and chilly nights turn into warm sunny days, evening storms can cause damage to your property. Your roof will be the first line of defense your home has against these summer storms. Often times in Oklahoma, these storms will be

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Roof Repair and Replacement Warning Signs

Roof Repair and Replacement Warning Signs: • Hail Damage (Pictured Above) • Leaks • Shrinking Shingles • Sagging Along Ridgeline • Mildew • Cracked Shingles • Worn Shingles • Trees on Roof (Pictured Above) • Wind Damage (Pictured Above)

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Insurance Process Explained

Insurance Process Explained: An insurance claim is a game that insurance companies, homeowners, and contractors play. It is a high stakes game that is played to determine the repairs needed and how much those repairs will cost to have a qualified restoration contractor, such as Roofing Repair Solutions, LLC do the work to get your

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Have all of the storm damage covered by your insurance

Have all of the storm damage covered by your insurance, making the repairs free of out of pocket cost. We don’t charge anything to do a storm damage inspection. Most cases if there is damage, we can work directly with your insurance company so there’s no cost to you.

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Does a hail damage claim raise home insurance rates

Top states for home hail damage Hail can strike with damaging force in many states. Texas, Kansas, and Illinois are likely to be hit the worst, according to a recent nationwide study. That’s the thrust of “Hail: The Hidden Risk,” a report by Verisk. The analytics firm, which provides data for insurance and financial companies,

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Coating Flyer or Mailer

Don’t Reroof – Coat It Make It Water Tight Seal with Roof Coating Churches, Banks, Car Dealerships, Condominiums, Schools, Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals, Historical Properties, Hotels, Country Clubs, Office Buildings, Religious Buildings, Non-Profit Organizations, Restaurants, Retail, Shopping Plazas, Warehouse Industrial and more use commercial flat roof coatings. 88% The amount of UV rays reflected by

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